Quality, comfort and style for world changers.

Founded by husband and wife team James and Rachel Sama of Limitless Brands, LLC.

  • About Limitless Leisure

    Whether you are chasing after your goals, chasing after your kids, or both, we understand that your lifestyle demands comfortable and durable clothing without sacrificing personal style.

    The husband and wife team of James and Rachel Sama are always on the go. They, like you, lead busy and active lives where comfort and flexibility are priority. Usually traveling with their two small kids in tow, they enjoy coordinating outfits as a family while expressing their ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit. A balance struck perfectly by the creation of Limitless Leisure.

    This line of leisure, active, and athletic wear is designed for the high achiever who refuses to settle for less. We believe that you have the power to be the hero of your own story. Join our family and show the world that you, too, are LIMITLESS.